e-Learning FAQ’s

e-Learning Schedules were emailed to families on August 10. If you have not received your student's schedule please email [email protected]

Questions about e-Learning, Schedules, School Opening, etc.

What is the duration of each block of Live Zoom Instruction?

Live Zoom instruction blocks will be 30 minutes at a time followed by breaks and flexible independent learning time. Even during live lessons, ample movement and brain breaks will be incorporated to keep the child's mind fresh and ready to learn.

Is there any flexibility to help families plan their work schedules?

We understand that it is difficult for some families to plan their work schedules at this time. Note that our schedule offers flexibility:
· "Independent Work" can be done at a time that is convenient for you.
· Recordings of Live Lessons will also be made available
If you have any concerns, please reach out to us and together we will find the best solution for your students' needs.

Which platform/tools will be used for E-learning?

Every student will be provided a Chromebook device for use at home.
All learning apps will be accessed using CGA’s Clever portal .
· Students will receive Clever Badges during the Meet & Greet on August 18/19.
· Students will scan their Clever badge to login to their Chromebook and access the learning apps.
SeeSaw will be used for student portfolios and parent communication.
· Students will add drawings, notes, pictures, voice recordings, and videos to their digital portfolio to showcase their learning.
· Parents will be able to see their students’ work and even comment on it.
· Teachers can provide timely feedback on student work with written or even voice comments.

What is CGA’s plan for engaging students during E-learning?

Lessons covering different subject areas will be connected to an overall theme so students can easily relate to the content. Theme-based lessons combined with related project-based activities at home are sure to keep the students engaged and learning. When students have an opportunity to explore, create, and demonstrate learning in different ways with projects, it is exciting for them.
Total Physical Response techniques will be used – i.e. teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input. The process mimics the way that infants learn their first language. Students will have opportunities to sing and move during live lessons.
Distance Learning has its challenges, but it also presents many opportunities and we look forward to making the best of it with your support.

What are the expectations for the Meet & Greet on August 18/19?

· It is an opportunity for teachers, students, and families to connect with each other and get to know more about your student, their learning style, etc.
· You will be given a Chromebook, headphones, Clever Badge, and other supplies to start the school year.
· Resources will be offered for training and support so parents can help students with learning at home.
· Parents will be given login information for CGA's Student Information System – SchoolWise.
· First Day Packet - forms such as income eligibility for Free and Reduced Price meals.
We look forward to meeting you during the Meet and Greet sessions on August 18/19, at your scheduled time. The school address is 44 Shaw Ave Clovis, CA 93612. Health and safety practices will be followed to ensure the safety of our staff and families.

Are families able to pick up meals during E-learning ?

Yes, families will be able to drive through and pick up meals at designated times and days during the week. Families can apply for free or reduced price meals by filling the required form in the First Day Packet.

My child does not speak Spanish. Will he/she have a difficult time with Dual Immersion ?

Many students in the class will learn Spanish for the first time and will be supported by well trained teachers as they progress through stages of language acquisition at their own pace. Teachers in the Dual Language Immersion program are specially trained to make instruction meaningful through the use of visuals, objects, gestures, and specialized instructional strategies. The students also help each other.

Which curriculum will you follow ?

CGA will use American Reading Company for English and Spanish Language Arts. Similar state approved curriculum will be utilized for all subject areas in addition to learning apps, and engaging teacher designed content for thematic, interdisciplinary learning units.

How can CGA staff be reached for support?

CGA class teachers are available to support our families but we request you to contact them via email and/or set up a phone/Zoom appointment since they could be teaching when you call.
Email the Office at [email protected] or call 559-575-0287.
Email the Principal at [email protected] or call 559-240-5845.
Attend an open forum meeting for CGA parents - Every Sunday at 4:00 pm via Zoom , starting August 16.

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