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Instructional Framework

Learners Outcome

Effective, bilingual communicators
Virtuous, courageous, and intelligent individuals
Inquisitive, open-minded critical-thinkers
Creative and innovative problem-solvers
Altruistic, principled leaders in the 21st century world
Self-motivated, competent, life-long learners
Empowered, engaged citizens in a democratic society

Three pillars of our program

Dual Language immersion

Tramsformation Teaching

small, safe school culture

Guiding Principles for Instruction

Instructional Practices

Instruction Practices and Guiding Principles

Inquiry-based learning
Concept-based thematic learning
Differentiation for learner diversity
Enriched curriculum
Development of scholarly habits of mind
Social and emotional learning (“SEL”)
and Restorative Justice
Authentic assessment and mastery
Collaboration, cooperation, and social
Process of inquiry, discovery, application, and
Questioning, modeling, discussing,
collaborative grouping
Small group and individual differentiated
instruction, variety of lesson types
Essential questions, thinking routines, and
philosophical reasoning
Providing access to learning through
Democratic environment
Global cultures, Spanish language, and
Social and emotional instruction, restorative
discipline, and support services
Explicit instruction in and encouragement of
the Intellectual Virtues and growth
Portfolios, performance-based assessments
Meaningful involvement of parents/families
Collaboration among teachers

Philosophy of Education

Bilingual Education and Constructivism

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