Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clovis Global Academy a public charter school ?

Yes. Our school is public, free, and open to all.

Who can attend ? Will you accept students from outside Clovis ?

Anyone! Every student has the chance to attend a public charter school regardless of address zip code, income or ability level.
Our school is open to all students in California and does not have special eligibility or entrance requirements for incoming students.

What makes Clovis Global Academy different from other public schools ?

CGA presents a unique opportunity to families in our community.
DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION ......Dual Immersion program in Spanish and English for all students entering Tk/Kindergaten which will continue up to 8th grade.
TRANSFORMATIVE TEACHING PRACTICES .....inquiry based lessons, and interdisciplinary thematic learning units.
SMALL SAFE SCHOOL CULTURE ......where diversity is celebrated and kids learn how to focus, pay attention, and cultivate productive habits of the mind.
Please visit the About Us section of our website for more information

Which grades will you serve ?

Clovis Global Academy will serve grades TK-8 at full capacity. In the 2022-23 school year, we will have students in grades TK-3rd and will be adding a grade every year.

What is your schedule for kindergarten ? What will my child do all day in kindergarten ?

We offer a full day kindergarten schedule.
In addition to the core subjects which will be taught in English and Spanish, there will be an advisory period everyday in which we will teach children how to focus, pay attention, and cultivate productive habits of the mind. We also have a Global Cultures period, in which kids celebrate each other’s cultures and even get to speak in their home language. Punjabi and Chinese language elective is also offered as an option within the Global Cultures framework. Your child will be doing a lot more than a regular kindergarten program.

Where is the school located ?

44 Shaw Ave Clovis, CA 93612 (Shaw and Minnewawa area)

Will you have an after school program ?

Yes, we will have an after school program. An application is available on our website.

Who are the teachers at Clovis Global Academy ?

Teachers at Clovis Global Academy are fully credentialed by the State of California. Due to our innovative teaching model, our teachers have the flexibility to be more creative in the classroom as they design lessons around themes which connect different subject areas (this is also called thematic, transdisciplinary learning). Learning will be connected to the child’s existing knowledge using inquiry based methods.

How does the 50/50 model of Dual Language Immersion work ?

In a 50/50 model, core instruction takes place in both English and Spanish. Each student will have two core teachers and will receive instruction from one teacher in English and one teacher in Spanish throughout the school day as they study language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and electives.

Which curriculum do you follow ?

High quality curriculum resources are used to design engaging and creative thematic, interdisciplinary learning units in alignment with Common Core Standards. We use American Reading Company (www.americanreading.com) for English and Spanish Language Arts, Envision 2020 and Zearn for Mathematics along with other high quality print and digital resources.

My child does not speak Spanish. Will he/she have a difficult time with Dual Immersion ?

Many students in the class will learn Spanish for the first time and will be supported by well trained teachers as they progress through stages of language acquisition at their own pace. Teachers in the Dual Language Immersion program are specially trained to make instruction meaningful through the use of visuals, objects, gestures, and specialized instructional strategies. The students also help each other.

Does the school operate a meals program ?
In the 2021-22 school year, all students will be offered free meals, as a part of the extended waivers under USDA’s National School Lunch Program Seamless Summer Option (SSO).
When is the first day of school ?

The first day of school for the 2022-23 school year will be August 24, 2022.

Are all classes in-person or hybrid ?

CGA is offering 100% in-person instruction for all students.

How do I apply for admission ?

We are accepting applications for this fall in grades TK-3. Apply Online Now!
Every year, a grade will be added until we reach eighth grade.

I have more questions. How can I contact you ?

Call us at 559-575-0587 or email office@clovisglobalacademy.org

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